Film, TV & Comic Con

We work with talent of all kinds including actors, writers and creatives for appearances and signings at all sizes and types of Film, TV & Pop Culture Conventions. As well as the individuals below we have unparallelled access to many other performers through our strong agency and booking connections.


Popular Franchises we cover include;

  • Dr Who

  • Harry Potter

  • Final Fantasy

  • Star Wars

  • LOTR/The Hobbit

  • Game Of Thrones


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Final Fantasy, Reign, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural,

Final Fantasy, Harry Potter

Dr.Who, Sarah Jane Adventures

Composer for Film and TV (Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, The Simpsons,) & Creator of No Bones Records 

Ryan Newberry

Harry Potter

James Payton

Harry Potter, Captain America

Jim Tavare

Harry Potter

Louis Cordice

Harry Potter

Star Wars, Dr. Who

Comic Book Creator; Rapid City, Below Zero

Hattie Gotobed

Game of Thrones

Rohan Gotobed

Harry Potter

Daniel Hill

Dr Who: Shada, Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Gavin and Stacey

Richard Strange

Harry Potter