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Nathalie Cuzner

Actor, Dancer, Model


Nathalie Cuzner is best known for her role as PZ-4CO in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. PZ-4CO, nicknamed "Peazy", is a protocol droid serving in the Resistance and assisting General Leia Organa. The droid made her first appearance in the novel "Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure" and she is also available as an action figure.


Nathalie is a dancer, fitness instructor, actor and model and has also appeared in commercials, pop videos, documentaries and various TV shows. Nathalie first became known for her work as a Creature Actor in the cult TV series, Doctor Who in which she played various key roles, including FutureKind Cannibal, Masked Silurian Warrior, Handbot, RoryBot and last but by no means least, one of the nightmare inducing Killer Dolls, Mrs Rossiter. As well as appearing in several episodes of the TV show, Nathalie has performed at numerous events and live shows, including two appearances at the BBC Dr Who Proms at The Royal Albert Hall and The Symphonic Spectacular UK Tour.

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